The arrival of spring brings a welcome respite from old winters, but it also brings a threat of severe weather that can potentially damage your home.  Heavy rains can cause flooding.  High-speed winds can damage your roof or outside of your home.  Lightening can do the same and/or cause fire.  And, depending on your location, hurricanes or tornadoes might also be a risk.  Being aware and knowledgeable before a storm strikes will put you a step ahead in the event of severe weather.

How can you protect your home from potential storm damage:

In advance of the storm:
-Inspect your home and property for potential problems or issues such as loose or dead branches, loose roof shingles and overflowing gutters.
-Generate a detailed home inventory of your home and belongings; Keep the inventory off-premises in a safety deposit box.
-Be sure you have adequate coverage and deductibles that are reasonable for your needs by examining your homeowner, renter’s and auto coverage annually.  Review and submit your annual questionnaire to your Agent knows if any adjustments are necessary.   (Take note that flooding is not covered by your homeowners policy but requires a separate flood insurance policy.)
-Check to see if your policy has “loss of use” or “additional expense” coverage to help you pay for temporary housing if you can’t stay in your home due to damage caused by a storm.

As the storm is approaching:
-Move patio furniture or other lightweight items inside.
-Go to the basement or interior hall & stay away from windows.
-Keep on hand basic supplies like water, food, flashlights, and a battery-operated radio.
-If you’re in a car or mobile home when a tornado approaches, leave immediately.  Do not try to outrun a tornado.  If you cannot locate immediate underground shelter, lie flat in a gully or ditch.  Do not get under an overpass or a bridge!

After the storm:
-Check your home and property for damage as soon as you can & report any damages to your West’s Agent.

Take the time to review your insurance policy with your West’s Agent to make sure you’re covered for possible storm damage:

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