Homebrew Club Insurance Program

The American Homebrewers Association has partnered with West’s Insurance to provide an insurance program for your homebrewing club’s unique exposures.



We are offering a second open enrollment for any clubs that may have missed the initial enrollment period. The next open enrollment will begin on 11/1/2016 for a 12/1/2016 effective date. Clubs that enroll for 12/1/2016 will be required to pay the full $3.50 per club member for the general liability and liquor liability policy.  

*In order to keep the program uniform, as this is a master policy for all enrolled clubs,  the expiration date of the coverage for all clubs will remain 9/1/16.

If you have any questions you can contact Jenny Caldwell at  jenny@westinsurance.com or (847) 623-0456.






What do you need?

Establishing a comprehensive insurance program for your brand allows us to leverage economies of scale to secure cost savings for everyone.


Contact us and talk to a representative who will have the right tools to answer all of your insurance questions.