Homebrew Club Insurance Program

The American Homebrewers Association has partnered with West’s Insurance to provide an insurance program for your homebrewing club’s unique exposures.


How the Program Works

From an insurance perspective, your club has significant exposures to bodily injury or property damage suits arising from incidents that occur at, or as a result of, your club’s meetings and club sponsored events.  The club, as well as, its members individually, can be named in lawsuits resulting from your club’s activities. The largest exposure for your club involves liquor liability…  someone getting behind the wheel after a club meeting or event.  Every entity (your club), and possibly every individual (your club members) involved could be named in a suit. This program provides both general liability and liquor liability coverage for your club and members.  In addition, the program provides defense costs (lawyer fees) to defend the club and members should they be named in a suit.

The program will:

  • include both General and Liquor Liability coverages for your club meetings and events; give you the ability to provide certificates of insurance for
  • your meeting or event sites; provide $1M each occurrence and $3M aggregate limits for both General Liability and Liquor Liability; include
  • additional umbrella limits as part of coverage; be provided by a carrier rated “A+” financially by A.M. Best; qualify for a cost savings as part of a
  • program policy cost $3.50 per member


Contact us and talk to a representative who will have the right tools to answer all of your insurance questions.