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Our Differentiators

Client Testimonials

NT24-“The Nurse Triage program and training offered by West’s is paramount for meaningful long-term savings. The time and energy we save by using Nurse Triage to start the claim process is now used serving our community and growing our business.”

– Joe Grubb, BrightStar Care of Knoxville

Workers Compensation (WC) Coach-“West’s Work Comp Coach speaks, and interprets, “claims adjuster”. She has provided valuable insight and specific language to use when talking to adjusters to minimize claim-related headaches to preserve our staff resources and close claims quickly.  It’s essential to have good coaches on your side.”

– Ken Kraus, BrightStar of West St Louis

Claim Intake- “The West’s Team has made a significant impact on our business. Through extensive education provided by West’s, my staff is now much better equipped to successfully deal with situations as they arise allowing us to report more quickly and stay in control of the claim process.”

– Mike Steiner, Right at Home of Lake County Care  

Return to Work (RTW)- “By implementing West’s Return to Work protocol, we have dramatically reduced our number of lost time claims. Our mod is projected to drop 32-points this year in large part due to getting our injured employees back to work within restrictions.  West’s system is working for us.”

– Rampi Hijazin, BrightStar Care of South Charlotte  

Mod Reviews-“West’s recognized that my 0.92 Experience Mod was incorrectly calculated by the rating bureau.  I was happy with 0.92 but it was actually better!  When they called to deliver the good news, they had already researched, calculated, and prepared the necessary paperwork so all I had to do was sign.  As a result, my Mod dropped to 0.88 saving me $4,700. West’s is definitely exceeding this client’s expectations.”

– Scott Sims, Molly Maid of Saddleback