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Commonly-Asked Questions

Commonly-Asked Questions

What does this Coverage provide?

– General and Liquor Liability for your home brew club meetings and club sponsored events.

– Umbrella policy providing an additional limit of liability over the general and liquor liability.

Does my club need to be incorporated in order to participate in this insurance program?

– No, the carrier does not require that your club be incorporated in order to enroll in the program.

What states are available for this program?

-This program is available in all 50 states.

Will this policy allow our club to provide a host site with additional insured status should they request it?

– Yes, this policy will give your club the ability to provide additional insured status for a meeting or event location.

Is there a hosted event attendance limit?

-Club hosted events up to 1,000 attendees are automatically included in the policy. Coverage can be provided for hosted events over 1,000 attendees for an additional premium. The insurance carrier would require a special event application to be completed that will provide information on the larger event. This application can be found on homebrewers

What are the liability limits on the policy?

– $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 aggregate limit. – Additional umbrella limit of $10,000,000.

Do all clubs that participate get their own liability limits or are they shared among all participating clubs?

 The limits are shared among all participating clubs. As mentioned above, the program includes limits of $1M per occurrence and $3M aggregate for general liability and $1M per occurrence and $3M aggregate for liquor liability. In addition, there is a $10M umbrella limit that sits over the general liability and liquor liability limits. So in effect, the program carries $11M/$13M for both general and liquor liability for all clubs.

Why do I need this coverage?

-Your club has both general and liquor liability exposures for your meetings and events.

-Most meeting sites and event sites will require that your club provide a certificate of insurance to show that your club has both a general liability and a liquor liability policy in place before they will allow you to hold a meeting or event at their location.

What is the difference between D&O insurance and the Homebrew Club Insurance Program?

–D&O insurance provides coverage for a different set of insurance exposures than the current homebrew club insurance program.  The main difference between the current homebrew club insurance program and a D&O policy is that the homebrew club program provides coverage for your clubs negligence that causes someone to be physically injured or someone else’s property to be damaged because of a mistake by someone in your club or your club’s activities.  The D&O insurance provides coverage should a director or officer or the club be sued by someone based on the decisions made that someone else thinks is wrong.  An Example would be if someone alleges that they were discriminated against in the declination of their membership in the club or the removing of an individual’s membership status in the club.  Also, another example would be if a fellow club member files a suit against the club’s officers because they are unhappy with the direction of the club or use of funds, etc.  Some clubs have elected to add the D&O coverage to provide coverage for these exposures.

Do you offer D&O Insurance coverage?

Yes, the carrier that provides our Homebrew Club Insurance program has offered to put together a D&O Insurance offering for clubs that are interested in securing this additional coverage.  There will be tiered pricing for the coverage based on the size of your club. 

Pricing Includes: Clubs up to 75 members – $300 annual premium Clubs 76-150 members – $400 annual premium Clubs 151 members and higher – $500

*The average cost for a club o secure this coverage on an individual basis is $750-$1,000.

The D&O limits:
$1,000,000 – Per Club
$10,000,000 – Aggregate – shared by all clubs 

How do I enroll in the program?

-Submit the enrollment form found at homebrewers. You will then be contacted with your club’s annual premium and payment details.

What are the requirements to enroll my club?

– The carrier requires a completion of the online enrollment form mentioned above (home-brew-club-enrollment-form) and a current club member roster/list with names only (digital format). Your club must also be registered on the AHA website (

Will I receive a policy once enrolled?

– No, each enrolled club will receive a certificate of insurance that provides the limit details included in the policy. This certificate will be the club’s evidence of coverage.

How are new club members added during the policy period ?

– The carrier requires a current club member roster before your club enrolls in the program. Your club’s premium will be based on this roster. If your club adds new members during the course of the policy term, they are automatically included in the coverage as long as your club is enrolled. At the policy renewal next year, the carrier will request an updated roster list and the new members will be factored into your club’s premium amount at that time. * Please note that the premium for this club insurance program and the collection of your individual club’s membership dues are not connected. For example, if your club knows their membership level is at 100 but full dues are not paid until 6 months into the year, the carrier will look at your club as having 100 members.

Is the premium an annual, quarterly or monthly amount?

Clubs that enroll after 11/1/2022 will be effective on 12/1/2022 and will be required to pay the full $4.48 per club member.

Clubs that enroll after 2/1/2023 will be effective on 3/1/2023 for a pro-rated premium of $2.24 per club member for the remaining 6 months of the program’s policy term.

* In order to keep the program uniform, as this is a master policy for all enrolled clubs,  the expiration date of the coverage for all clubs will remain 9/1/23.